Best Choice for Printing on Heavy and Thick Substrates

  • Large-format Flatbed Inkjet Printer with Fixed Printing Platen
  • Movable Printing Gantry Designed for Heavy Substrates
  • UV-LED Curing Technology Compatible with a Wide Range of Substrates
  • White Ink (Optional) Provided for Printing on Transparent or Colored Substrates
  • Japanese Industrial-level, High Precision & High Speed Print Heads

With movable printing gantry design, the latest generation of FG series flatbed inkjet printer step moves the gantry and stays the printing platen stationary when printing.

Saving Space

Unique Y-axis direction motion control  technology of  movable gantry saves space  when printing.

Thick Substrates

With the gantry height being adjustable, FG  series  printer can print on substrates  whose thickness is up  to 76.2mm (3.0") .

Heavy Load

With movable gantry and fixed platen, FG  series  printer enables to print precisely on  extraordinary  heavy substrates, such as  steel, iron, tiles, glass,  within 200kg.

Reducing Inertia

For flatbed printer with movable platen, the  motion of  the media generates inertia and  affects print  precision. But for the printer with  movable gantry, the  platen and the media are fixed, so the inertia from  media motion will  reduce sharply for exceptional print quality.


  • FG series printer utilizes the most advanced Ricoh print heads and Kyocera print heads. Print heads feature up to 600dpi physical resolution, minimum 7pl droplet and high jetting frequency. One print head can print two colors.
  • Proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology integrates print head control of 3-level droplet sizes with ColorPRINT RIP Software for producing sharper images with smoother gradient.

Variable Droplet Size Control Technology


  • Printing with high density white ink, FG offers bright and vivid colors on transparent or colored media. Thanks to the separate white ink circulation system, FG easily keeps white ink well mixed at all time for consistent and reliable printing.
  • Coming with the professional ColorPRINT RIP software, FG enables over-printing for backlit applications on transparent materials, under-printing for colored materials, printing white out of images, and printing white as a spot color.

  Under-Printing Over-Printing
Print white ink at the  area of job
Print white ink at the  area of image
Print white ink and color inks individually


Color Configurations Benefits
6 color inks including light color inks perfectly reprint smooth gradation and light tone.
Directly prints on transparent and colored substrates.
Brilliant and vivid image colors are displayed due to white ink layer under the  image.
The primer can be printed with CMYK inks simultaneously. The automatic  primer application function enables the primer can be applied in the print  image area for better adhesion on different materials.
The varnish can be printed with CMYK inks simultaneously. Images will look more attractive by printing the varnish layer. 

The white ink and varnish can be printed with CMYK inks for unique market application.


  • With UV-LED curing technology, FG series printer enables users to directly print exceptional images on a wide range of rigid uncoated substrates for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Besides regular rigid sheets or boards printing, FG series printer also enables to print on heavy substrates up to 200kg.
  • Optional white ink printing creates new possibilities for printing on transparent or colored media to shorten lead time, expand business, and maximize potential revenue.


Outstanding Software Control Technology

  • Proprietary image algorithm enables you to print large-size images reliably without stopping.
  • Working seamlessly with the professional ColorPRINT RIP Software, FG series printer produces vivid colors and fine details with ColorPRINT's enhanced color management and raster image process technology to grab viewers' attention.
Highly Integrated Carriage 
  • With the help of a microprocessor, the Active Negative Pressure System ensures high-quality printing at the highest firing frequency that industrial inkjet print heads support.
  • The large carriage is designed for more print heads and wider printing width at each pass to make printing more efficient.
  • The Z-axis height adjust mechanism can automatically move the height of the print heads for best printing distances between nozzles and media.
  • State-of-the-art dual UV-LED lamps ensure ink curing for high speed printing. UV-LED lamps have instant On/ Off capability so that printing and curing are synchronized efficiently.

Dual-origin mode enables to automatically calibrate parallelism of the guide beam in case of deviation, ensuring precise printing. The six-zoned vacuum table keeps media stationary with one, two,… or six vacuum systems, ensuring accurate color registration even at bi-direction or multi-pass printing.

Dual linear guides ensure smooth carriage moving to achieve accurate printing.
Dual lead screws and servo motors realize precise motion control of the printing gantry, which improves print quality significantly.
The double-inlet bulk ink tank with a liquid level sensor is easily used for adding ink and alarm for the shortage of ink.

Ink System
  • UV curable C, M, Y, K inks; 3L main ink tank equipped for each color
  • UV curable white ink (Optional)
  • Varnish (Optional)
  • Automatic Ink Supply System
  • Active Negative Pressure System
Print System
  • DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads
  • Automatic voltage and temperature control
  • Two Air-cooled UV-LED Lamps
  • All popular formats of desktop files, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS 
Operational Environment
  • Temperature: 20-30°C (78-86°F)
  • Humidity: 40-70% (Recommended)
  • Electrical: Single phase 220V+-10% (50/60Hz, AC); 27 Amps Maximum; 6KW
Media Type
  • Rigid sheet or board up to 76.2mm (3.0") thick
  • Rigid PVC Sheet, Wood, Glass, Foam Board, Acrylic, Tile, Metal, Plywood, Corrugated Plastic
RIP Software
  • ColorPRINT Postscript RIP Software 
User Interface
  • Control Panel with Color LCD display panel
  • PCS

Communication Interface
  • Ethernet 

Model FG2512
Print Head Model MH2420 MH5420
Number of Print Heads Max. 24 Max. 12
Colors CMYK, CMYKLcLm, White (Optional), Varnish (Optional), Primer (Optional)
Max. Printing Zone Size (W x D) 2520mm x 1320mm (99” x 52”)
Table Size (W x D) 2600mm x 1400mm (102” x 55”)
Max. Media Weight 200kg (440lbs)
Assembled Dimension (W x D x H) 4270mm x 2100mm x 1350mm (168’’ x 83’’ x 53’’ )
Weight TBC


Model FG2512
Print Head Model MH2420 MH5420
Number of Print Heads

4 Colors or 6 Colors, 16 Heads or 24 Heads

3 Groups, 0.5×2×4 Colors or 6 Colors, 6 Heads or 9 Heads

Colors CMYK , CMYKLcLm
Print Resolution 1200 × 600 dpi
Production Mode 4 Pass 96 (1033) -
4 Pass+ 78 (840) 74 (796)
Standard Mode 6 Pass 63 (678) -
6 Pass+ 55 (592) 56 (603)
Quality Mode 8 Pass 47 (506) 42 (452)
8 Pass+ 42 (452) -

  • Packaging
  • Industrial Decorations 
  • POP Displays
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Exhibition & Display 


Main Window
Print Quality Settings

ColorPRINT is professional RIP software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. ColorPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradient, vivid images and sharp small size text with its advanced RIP technology. ICC color management workflow ensures vivid and brilliant colors. ColorPRINT is available in ColorPRINT PS and ColorPRINT Server to satisfy the demands of medium-scaled and large-scaled users respectively.


Main Window
Print Head Settings
Print Mode Management

Printer Control Software (PCS) installed on a Host PC is designed for scanning inkjet printing. It offers a user-friendly interface to interactively control the printer, monitor printer status, and set printer options, such as the amplitude and pulse width of jetting waveforms and the temperature for each print head.

Amica’s PCS processes incoming RIP data and provides a software interface allowing RIP software to print jobs to the printer directly. The control interface features include print head cleaning, print head calibration, motor speed settings, and print head settings, etc.


NuviINK® Graphics series

If you are looking for an ink that is vibrant and able to print photo-realistic images on a wide variety of media, NuviINK® will satisfy your needs! NuviINK® Graphics series for wide- format printing includes from UV ink to water-based ink, from solvent ink to mild-solvent ink. 

UV ink includes:

NuviINK® GUA,