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Print Directly onto Soft Tubes & Slim Rigid Tubes

As a revolutionized industrial UV-LED inkjet printer, the TBT-DH is specially designed for high-speed 360° seamless direct printing onto tubes. The TBT-DH is widely used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Throughout the traditional printing market, screen printing and label printing are the two main technologies for tube packaging. As an ideal alternative to the above technologies, the TBT-DH achieves cost-effective medium- & short-run tube printing with efficient workflows and fast delivery time. The TBT-DH is the best choice for prototyping, customized packaging and promotional items.

  • TBT-DH
  • TBT-DH


Complete Digital Printing System

Reliable & Complete Digital Printing System

  • UV-LED Inkjet Printer
  • ColorPRINT Bottle RIP Software
  • Printer Control Software (PCS)
  • Color Management System
  • Variable Data Printing Module
  • NuviLight® UV Lamp Control System
  • NuviINK® UV Ink 

Automatic Loading, Printing, Curing & Unloading on 2 × 2 Operation Stations

The TBT-DH achieves high-efficiency production featuring dual-tube simultaneous printing and 2×2 operation stations. 2×2 operation stations rotate in and out alternately for continuous printing, optimizing production workflows, and resulting in the most effective industrial inkjet printing.

A Stations: Loading tubes
B Stations: Idle

A Stations: Printing & curing tubes
B Stations: Loading tubes

A Stations: Unloading printed tubes & loading to-be-printed tubes
B Stations: Printing & curing tubes

A Stations: Printing & curing tubes
B Stations: Unloading printed tubes & loading to-be-printed tubes

Innovative rotary printing technology

for cylindrical tubes. A variety of proven and creative printing methods and algorithms are integrated into the TBT-DH to achieve high-quality output on the tube.

  • Thanks to the Rotational Print Pass Method (RPPM) and Special Print Head Arrangement Method for tube printing, the TBT-DH is endowed with amazing print productivity and quality.

  • Ink Droplet Conversion Algorithm realizes consistent resolutions and stable visual effects on different tubes, ideal for printing tubes even with small sizes.

  • Supports Colorful Variable Data Printing, including logos, images, texts, numbers, codes, etc.

  • Excellent droplet control technology ensures that the edges of text, lines, barcodes and 2D codes are sharp and clear at a resolution of 900 x 750 DPI.

Text and Lines with Sharp Edges

Perfect 360°Seamless Printing

The color management system

provides accurate colors to meet stringent packaging printing requirements for various types of tubes.

  • Orange and green inks reproduce bright and vibrant yellows, reds, purples, blues, while maintaining smooth gradients.

  • Light cyan and light magenta inks well present smooth gradations and light tones without graininess

  • Varnish printing offers amazing tactile and visual effects to grasp viewers’ attention, while also providing better adhesion.

  • High-density white ink printing delivers exceptional image quality on transparent,  colored, silver and golden tubes  with less ink consumption. 

  • The feature of spot color meets stringent brand requirements while printing corporate logos and recognizing colors.

Metallic Orange & Green on Silver Tube
White Ink Overprinting on Blue and Red Tubes

Smooth Gradients
Soft Skin Color


The fixture set supports different size fixtures for tubes with different lengths and diameters. The replacement of the fixture is simple and convenient.

The structure of 2 x 2 operation stations achieves the loading, printing, curing and unloading of two tubes in groups alternatively.

The automatic loading and unloading system greatly improves efficiency and saves manpower

The automatic print head protection system monitors whether the print heads will be scratched or exposed to UV light. The print head maintenance module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping.

Automatic ink supply system monitors and controls ink levels of the main and sub ink tanks with liquid level sensors. 


Food | Cosmetic | Pharmaceutical and Chemical | Electronic Products


Print System

DOD piezo electric grayscale print head; 10 print heads; automatic voltage and temperature control

Multiple UV lamp control

Ink System

UV curable ink,1 L main ink tank

Automatic ink supply system

Active negative pressure system


Popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS

Media Type

Slim craft or coated paper tubes

Flexible or rigid plastic tubes

Rigid metal tubes; Flexible aluminum tubes

RIP and User Interface

ColorPRINT Bottle RIP software

Color LCD Display Panel

Printer Control Software (PCS)


Gigabit Ethernet interface

Operational Environment

Temperature: 16-28°C (61-82°F)

Humidity: 40-70% (Recommended)

Altitude: up to 1000m (3281ft)

single phase 220 V ± 10 (50/ 60 Hz, AC);
Printer Control System: 3 A, 660 W;
UV Control System: 3 A, 660 W

Printer Model
Tube Handling
2×2 operation stations; Automatic loading & unloading
Tube Size
Length:0 - 220 mm (0" - 8.66")
Diameter: 18 - 50 mm (0.71" - 1.97")
Rotary Degree of Tubes
Printable Size
Feeding direction (R-axis): entire surface of the tubes
Printing length (Y-axis): within 220mm (8.66")
Printer Dimensions (W × D × H)
2057 mm × 1727 mm × 1917 mm (81" × 68" × 75.5")

Image Size Resolution Color Mode Productivity*     unit: tubes/hr.
Production Mode Standard Mode Quality Mode
35 mm
110 mm × 110 mm
(4.33" × 4.33")
900 x 600 DPI CMYK 900 758 626
W + CMYK 800 655 554
W + CMYK + V 465 351 306
900 x 750 DPI CMYK 800 655 480
W + CMYK 720 554 424
W + CMYK + V 424 300 240
900 x 900 DPI CMYK 720 576 450
W + CMYK 576 480 400
W + CMYK + V 360 262 206
* Productivity will vary depending on print resolution, color modes, curing time, image size, etc.


ColorPRINT Bottle RIP Software

  • Intuitive main interface with 2D/ 3D preview
  • Object template to define print loc ations
  • ICC color management
  • Automatic white ink background choke
  • Basic parameters can be set in one view
  • Variable Data Printing

Printer Control Software (PCS)

  • Displays real-time status information of the printer and job, and sends job control commands
  • Visually displays printing and curing status of jobs at the 2 × 2 stations in real time
  • White Ink Circulation Control
  • Check Nozzle Circular; Horizontal Calibration
  • Multiple UV Lamp Control


NuviINK® Graphics series

If you are looking for an ink that is vibrant and able to print photo-realistic images on a wide variety of media, NuviINK® will satisfy your needs! NuviINK® Graphics series includes from UV ink to water-based ink, from solvent ink to mild-solvent ink. 

NuviINK® UV ink includes:

Used for Ricoh print heads: 

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