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Print directly on cylindrical or tapered mugs

TBM is designed specifically for the decoration of various types of mugs, including tapered and cylindrical mugs. Dedicated UV ink and varnish, as well as various pretreatment methods, ensure that the TBM printer is suitable for a wide range of materials, including ceramics, metals, paper, plastics, wood, glass, etc.

Compared with traditional methods, TBM greatly reduces the production process and saves time. Thanks to our excellent UV inkjet technology, TBM has the ability to decorate mugs with more complex, vivid, and detailed images compared to other digital technologies. TBM is the best choice for personalized printing, customized printing, and short-run printing for various types of mugs.

  • TBM
  • TBM


Complete Digital Printing System

Printable Size

  • Feeding direction (R-axis): 280° of the mug

  • Printing length (Y-axis): within 360 mm (14.17”)

  • Printing area: from the bottom of the mug to the top

Please refer to the data sheet on the back cover for the sizes of printed objects.

Flexible Fixture Design and Operation Process

  • One printer comes with two sets of clamping fixtures as standard. Two sets of fixtures are used alternately for printing, loading and unloading, thereby eliminating waiting time.

  • Each set of fixture can hold one to four mugs, which will be printed as one print job. Each fixture is equipped with an pneumatic pressure clamp that keep each mugs aligned, and coaxially clamp into place.

  • The fixture supports mugs of different diameters and lengths.

Proprietary UV Curing Control Technology

Segmented UV curing control
The irradiation area of the UV lamp is divided into several segments, and each segment can be individually controlled for activation to achieve maximum print productivity and optimal print quality.

Final curing plus pinning
UV-LED pinning “freezes” ink droplets to control dot gain before overlaying follow-up colors for optimal printing quality. All pinned inks will finally pass underneath a final cure UV LED lamp. Pinning and final curing can be automatically switched.


  • The Exhaust & Filtration System removes and filters floating ink particles in the printing area to offer an environmentally friendly operating area and high-quality prints.
  • By monitoring the printing status of the printhead in real-time, the Automatic Print Head Protection System can prevent the printhead from being scratched or exposed to UV light during printing.

  • Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping for convenient unattended operation.

  • The simple and intuitive 10” Color LCD Touch Screen provides loading & unloading control, printhead maintenance, and real-time printing parameter settings.


● Ceramic Mugs ● Glass Tumblers
● Stainless Steel Tumblers ● Vacuum Insulated Mugs ● Stainless Steel Mugs


Print System DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads

Automatic voltage and temperature control

UV-LED curing system with multiple UV lamp control

Up to 5 print heads
Printable Size Feeding direction (R-axis): 280° of the mug

Printing length (Y-axis): within 360 mm (14.17”)

Printing area: from the bottom of the mug to the top
Media Type White/ black/ colored tapered mugs or cylindrical mugs

Ceramics, metal, paper, plastic, wood, glass
Ink System UV curable ink

Up to 7 ink channels, P + W + CMYK + V

1 L main ink tank for each color

Automatic ink supply system

Active negative pressure system
Operational Environment Temperature: 16-28°C (61-82°F)

Humidity: 40-70% (Recommended)

Altitude: up to 1000 m (3281 ft)

Electrical: single phase 220V±10% (50/ 60 Hz, AC); 7.5A; 1650W
RIP and User Interface ColorPRINT Bottle RIP software

10" Color Touch Screen LCD Display Panel

Printer Control Software (PCS)
Formats Popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet interface
Printer Dimensions
(W × D × H)
1560 mm × 832 mm × 1830 mm (61.4” × 32.8” × 72.0”)

Printing Productivity*

Fixture Type

Printed Object
Diameter (D) & Width (W)
Printed Object
Print Productivity (Unit: mugs/ hr.)
600 x 900 DPI 900 x 1200 DPI

Within 360 mm
Cylindrical mugs
Tapered mugs
(Max. Angle: 4°)
12 6

105 -160 mm
(4.13”- 6.3”)
Cylindrical mugs
24 12

75 -105 mm
(2.95“- 4.13”)
Cylindrical mugs
38 19

55 -75 mm
(2.17”- 2.95”)
Cylindrical mugs
48 24

*Print Productivity includes loading, printing, curing and unloading time. It will vary depending on print resolution, color modes, image size, etc.,


ColorPRINT Bottle/ Cup

Whether it is cylindrical bottle or conical cup, ColorPRINT Bottle/ Cup Software has the capability of precisely controlling the amount of ink and the locations of droplets to achieve consistent color and excellent print quality. Bottle/ Cup template allows you to define print locations of images by inputting diameter, height, UV width and UV start position. In addition, the color and print quality of bottle/ cup can be set by your preference. It also offers an intuitive 2D/ 3D preview of the job.

  • Intuitive main interface with 2D/ 3D preview
  • Basic parameters can be set in one view
  • ICC color management 
  • Object template to define print locations
  • Automatic white ink background choke
  • Variable Data Printing

Printer Control Software (PCS)

  • Sends job control commands to print, abort, pause, resume and reset
  • Displays real-time status information of the printer and job
  • Z-axis height control, Horizontal Calibration
  • Check nozzle circular
  • White Ink Circulation Control
  • Multiple UV Lamp Control


NuviINK® Graphics series

If you are looking for an ink that is vibrant and able to print photo-realistic images on a wide variety of media, NuviINK® will satisfy your needs! NuviINK® Graphics series includes from UV ink to water-based ink, from solvent ink to mild-solvent ink. 

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