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High Productivity UV-LED Inkjet Printer for Taper / Cylinder Printing

With comprehensive R&D on printing technologies, machinery, software, woklflow optimization and ink chemistries, AMICA is proud to release DualSpin revolutionized color UV-LED inkjet printer with 2 × 2 operation stations. DualSpin is specially engineered for high-efficiency 360° seamless printing on tapers/ cylinders, such as cups, bottles, tins, and cans.

Compared with traditional taper/ cylinder printing, like pad printing, screen printing and label printing, DualSpin has prominent advantages in being free from plates, fast warm-up, short turnaround time, as well as customized printing. Also superior to digital thermal transfer printers, DualSpin owns more simplified workflow, easier operation and lower cost. With Variable Droplet Size control technology and light color printing,DualSpin is specialized in producing soft skin tones, smooth gradients and vivid images on tapers/ cylinders, not being achieved with other printing technologies. DualSpin is an ideal choice for taper/ cylinder printing in short- & medium-run, customized and personalized production, package proofing applications, etc.



2×2 Operation Stations Accomplish High-efficiency Production

DualSpin achieves high-efficiency production of short- & medium-run taper/ cylinder decoration featuring twin-bottle simultaneous printing and 2×2 operation stations for loading, printing, curing and unloading.

  • 2×2 operation stations move in and out alternately for continuous printing of tapers/ cylinders, optimizing production workflows and accomplishing effective industrial inkjet printing.
  • For tapered cup printing, DualSpin adopts unique calibration technology to ensure that all the 4 cups at the stations are horizontal with the same angle, so as to obtain uniform printing quality and effect.
  • Advanced control technology enables stable and consistent printing quality for jobs at the 2×2 stations even in a long time of production.

Production Workflows

A Stations: Loading bottles
B Stations: Idle

A Stations: Simultaneous printing of 2 bottles
B Stations: Loading bottles

A Stations: Unloading & loading bottles
B Stations: Simultaneous printing of 2 bottles

A Stations: Simultaneous printing of 2 bottles 

B Stations: Unloading & loading bottles

Customized Printing Methods & Algorithms

Through relentless exploration and practice, we have developed DualSpin integrated multiple proven and innovative technologies of great significance to achieve perfect print output effects on tapered/ cylindrical objects.


Automatic Print Head Protection System monitors whether the print heads will be scratched or exposed to UV lights, effectively ensuring the safety of print heads. 
Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping for convenient unattended operation.

Automatic Ink Supply System monitors and controls ink levels of the main/ sub ink tanks with liquid level sensors.

We offer a range of UV curable inks with bright colors, as well as advantages of excellent hardness, durability and scratch, chemical, and water resistance. 

Fixture Extendability Offers More Creativity
DualSpin allows to print onto objects at the 2×2 stations with 40-120mm in diameter and 0-270mm in length.
You can configure fixtures connected to 2×2 angle adjusted connectors to meet specific demands, including cylindrical thermos bottles and tapered open cups, making the possibilities for inkjet printing endless.


Bottles | Cups | Tumblers | Glassware | Tins | Cans | Containers


 Print System

DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, automatic voltage and temperature control

UV-LED curing system

Automatic Print Head Protection System

Automatic Print Head Maintenance System for purging, wiping and capping
 Ink System

UV curable C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White, Varnish, and Primer inks

1L main ink tank for each color

Automatic ink supply system

Active negative pressure system

Popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS

 RIP and User Interface

ColorPRINT Bottle RIP software

Color LCD Display Panel

Printer Control Software (PCS)

 Media Type

White/ black/ colored tapers and cylinders

Metal, paper, plastic, wood, glass, etc.


Gigabit Ethernet interface

 Operational Environment

Temperature: 16-28°C (61-82°F)

Humidity: 40-70% (Recommended)

Altitude: up to 1000m (3281ft)

Electrical: single phase 220V±10% (50/ 60Hz, AC); 15A; 3300W

Printer Model
2×2 operation stations for loading, printing, curing and unloading
Printed Object
Taper/ Cylinder
Length: 0 - 270mm (0" - 10.63")
Top diameter: 40 - 120mm (1.57" - 4.72")
Bottom diameter: 40 - 120mm (1.57" - 4.72")
Rotary Degree of Object
Printable Size
Feeding direction (R-axis): entire surface of the objects
Printing length (Y-axis): within 220mm (8.66")
Printer Dimensions (W × D × H)
1720mm × 2315mm × 1640mm (67.7" × 91.1" × 64.6")

Bottle Diameter Image Size Print Resolution Color Productivity*
Production Mode Quality Mode
73mm (2.87")

229mm × 170m

 (9.02" × 6.69")

600 × 900dpi CMYKLcLm 27 sec./ 4 pcs. 48 sec./ 4 pcs.
W + CMYKLcLm 30 sec./ 4 pcs. 57 sec./ 4 pcs.
W + CMYKLcLm + V 55 sec./ 4 pcs. 96 sec./ 4 pcs.
*It includes loading, printing, curing, and unloading time


ColorPRINT Bottle/ Cup

Whether it is cylindrical bottle or conical cup, ColorPRINT Bottle/ Cup Software has the capability of precisely controlling the amount of ink and the locations of droplets to achieve consistent color and excellent print quality. Bottle/ Cup template allows you to define print locations of images by inputting diameter, height, UV width and UV start position. In addition, the color and print quality of bottle/ cup can be set by your preference. It also offers an intuitive 2D/ 3D preview of the job.

  • Intuitive main interface with 2D/ 3D preview
  • Basic parameters can be set in one view
  • ICC color management 
  • Object template to define print locations
  • Automatic white ink background choke
  • Variable Data Printing

Printer Control Software (PCS)

  • Interactively controls the printer, monitors printer status, and sends job control commands
  • Visually displays printing and curing status of jobs at the 2×2 stations in real time
  • Check Nozzle Circular; Horizontal Calibration
  • White Ink Circulation Control


NuviINK® Graphics series

If you are looking for an ink that is vibrant and able to print photo-realistic images on a wide variety of media, NuviINK® will satisfy your needs! NuviINK® Graphics series includes from UV ink to water-based ink, from solvent ink to mild-solvent ink. 

NuviINK® UV ink includes:

Used for Ricoh print heads: 

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