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CW19/ CW33 Textile
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CW19/ CW33 Textile
for Textile & Apparel, High-performance Dye Sublimation Inkjet Printer

CW series is available in two models: CW19 and CW33, with the print widths of 1.9m and 3.2m (75" and 126") respectively. They are specially developed for high-quality and high-speed printing on sublimation transfer paper. Owing to upgraded release & take-up system, enhanced multi-station drying system and advanced degas system, CW series delivers stable and reliable print quality. CW series is the ideal choice for personalized, customized, or short-run textile printing.

  • CW19/ CW33 TextileCW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 TextileCW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 TextileCW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 TextileCW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 Textile
  • CW19/ CW33 Textile



Enhanced multi-station drying system for different media
The drying system of CW series incorporates front-heater, middle-heater, IR drying module, as well as cooling fan. The temperature of heaters can be controlled separately. The efficient drying system achieves better ink absorption and ensures inks are dried before heat transfer paper is rewound so that ghosting or replicas caused by the migration of inks can be effectively avoided. 

Print Head Maintenance
Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping instead of manual maintenance.
Real-time Safety Monitoring Device
4 yellow light curtain sensors monitor the printing area in real time responding to unexpected disruptions, assuring safety printing.

Release & take-up system

Release & Take-up System accurately controls the tension and speed of unwinding and rewinding to keep feeding straight according to the thickness of media and roll diameters. 



Advanced degas system

Dissolved gases will inevitably accumulate in the ink as a result of repeatedly pressurizing and decompressing the piezoelectric crystal. The hollow fiber membrane degas system of CW series efficiently eliminates the air bubbles that may impact on nozzle performance for consistent and reliable print quality.

Degas System

Grayscale and light color printing
CW series supports to print with up to 8 color inks including light colors. Amica’s proprietary Variable Droplet Size control technology combining with light color printing allows superior quality prints with soft skin tones, smooth gradients, as well as crisp and clear small-size texts and lines. You will not only benefit from lower ink consumption, but also obtain high-quality final prints.

6-color printing technology
including grayscale and light color printing

Exquisite and seamless repeated images 
Step & Repeat. You just need to add a single repeat into ColorPRINT, rather than wasting time to create huge files containing many repeats in design applications. ColorPRINT also offers a lot of settings to adjust your repeats, such as shift sizes, mirror types and the control of drop, slide or diagonal.

Seamlessly printing repeats. ColorPRINT can not only RIP overall image with many repeats for the ideal printing quality, but also RIP one repeat for high Ripping speed. Utilizing proprietary halftone algorithms, ColorPRINT will well eliminate seams between repeats. PCS (Printer Control Software) can automatically duplicate Ripped data only containing one repeat for printing and meanwhile fit for the length and width of textiles.

 ColorPRINT-Main UI   

Professional Printer Control Software for Digital Textile Printing
Printer Control Software (PCS) installed on a Host PC is designed for Digital Textile printing. 
  • Sends job control commands to print, abort, pause, resume and reset
  • Displays real-time status information of printer and digital textile job
  • Offers print head settings, print head calibration, and print head cleaning
  • Embedded ink estimator to calculate ink consumption for each digital textile job



Home textiles: curtains, upholstery fabrics, lampshades, table clothes, etc.

Clothing: fashion clothes, sportswear, swim suits, jackets, etc.

Soft signage: flags, banners, indoor graphics, tapestries, pennants, pop displays, exhibition displays, etc. 


Print technology DOD piezoelectric inkjet print technology

Print head control

Automatic voltage and temperature control
Variable droplet size control for grayscale printing
Automatic print head maintenance

Media handling

Roll to roll; Automatic release & take-up system
Z-axis carriage: 0-25mm (0-0.98")
Maximum print/media width: 1900mm (75") for CW19; 3200 mm(126") for CW33
Maximum roll diameter: 400mm (15.7")
Core diameter: 76mm (3")
Roll weight: up to 130kg (286.6lbs.)
Thickness: up to 1.4mm (0.055")

Media handling

Sublimation transfer paper


Dye sublimation ink; 1.5L per color
Automatic Ink Supply System
Active Negative Pressure System
RIP software ColorPRINT RIP Software
Printer control interfaces Printer Control Software (PCS); Color LCD Control Panel
Connectivity Fast Ethernet (1000Mbps)
Operating environment Temperature: 16-28°C (61-82°F); Relative Humidity: 40-60%; Altitude: up to 1000m (3281ft)
Electrical requirements Frequency: 50/ 60Hz; Voltage: 230V±10%; Power: less than 3.3KW/ 15A

Dimensions (W × D × H)

CW19: 3700mm × 1000mm × 1500mm (146" × 40"× 59")
CW33: 5100mm × 1000mm × 1500mm (201" × 40" × 59")


Print Head


Print Productivity 

Unit: m²/ hr. (ft²/ hr.) 




 CMYK, 0.5 × 2 × 4, 4 heads;
CMYKLcLm, 0.5 × 2 × 6, 6 heads;
CMYK x 2,  0.5 × 2 × 8, 8 heads;

 600 × 900dpi, 3 pass

96.3 (1037)

 98 (1055)

 1200 × 600dpi, 4 pass

 74.3 (800)

 78 (840)

CMYK, 0.5 × 3 × 4, 6 heads;

CMYKLcLm, 0.5 × 3 × 6, 9 heads;

 600 × 900dpi, 3 pass

 114 (1227)

 129 (1389)

 1200 × 600dpi, 4 pass

 102 (1098)

 103 (1109)

Kyocera KJ4 

CMYK, 0.5 × 1 × 4, 2 heads;
CMYKLcLm, 0.5 × 1 × 6, 3 heads;
CMYK x 2, 0.5 × 1 × 8, 4 heads;

 600 × 900dpi, 3 pass

 114 (1227)

 129 (1389)

 1200 × 600dpi, 4 pass

 76 (818)

 73.3 (789)

 * “× 0.5” means one print head prints two colors. 



Main Window
Print Quality Settings

ColorPRINT is professional RIP software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. ColorPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradient, vivid images and sharp small size text with its advanced RIP technology. ICC color management workflow ensures vivid and brilliant colors. ColorPRINT is available in ColorPRINT PS and ColorPRINT Server to satisfy the demands of medium-scaled and large-scaled users respectively.

ColorPRINT Workflow

Step & Repeat  (for Textile Printing, Optional Feature)

With ColorPRINT Software, image pattern can be stepped and repeated for continuous printing. It is specially designed for textile printing. Here you can input the size of the area, define the repeat modes, and select the mirror pattern for the copies.


Main Window
Print Head Settings
Print Mode Management

PCS Workflow


NuviINK® Textile series

If you are looking for a robust and durable ink for digital textile, NuviINK® will be your best choice! NuviINK® Textile series is specially formulated to be applied to fabric, including cotton, linen, nylon and so on.

NuviINK® dye sublimation ink includes:

- Used for Ricoh print heads:

- Used for Kyocera print heads:

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