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Industrial Direct-to-Piece/ Garment Inkjet Printer

TSDX is a direct-to-piece/ garment inkjet printer of stable performance and reliable printing quality. Equipped with industrial high-resolution and high-speed DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, and praised for its ability to work seamlessly with professional ColorPRINT RIP and color management software, TSDX delivers vivid colors and fine details on both light and dark colored fabrics.

TSDX can be configured with a table for extra large piece printing or with double tables for efficient twin-piece/ garment simultaneous printing. Instead of wasting money on bulky digital textile printer, you can easily achieve both piece and garment printing on one printer, embracing the revenue growth with more business opportunities.

As an alternative to expensive screen printing and thermal transfer, TSDX is an economical piece/ garment decoration solution for short- and medium-run applications. TSDX is the ideal choice for both traditional garment proofing and personalized fashion clothing productions.

• Single-/ Double-table Mode
• Water-based Pigment Ink, CMYK + White
• Max. Printing Zone Size: 1100mm × 800mm (43.3" × 31.5")
• Max. Print Resolution: 1200 × 900dpi

  • TSDX
  • TSDX
  • TSDX
  • TSDX


Comprehensive Technologies Deliver Outstanding Print Quality
  • A high performance and long lasting AC servo motor controls the movement of the shuttle. A high precision rotary encoder ensures accurate media feeding.
  • TSDX offers solid spot color prints for corporate logos; prints high quality images up to 1200 × 900dpi with CMYK plus White color.
  • Amica’s proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology integrates the print head control of multi-level size droplets with the ColorPRINT T-shirt RIP software for producing sharp images with smoother gradients.

Variable Droplet Size Control

Superior White Ink Printing Expands Capabilities and Business
  • Printing with the high density white inks, TSDX offers bright and vivid colors on dark colored fabrics. Thanks to the separate white ink circulation system, TSDX easily keeps the white ink properly mixed for consistent and reliable printing.
  • With the professional ColorPRINT T-shirt RIP software, TSDX enables under-printing for colored materials, printing white out of images, or printing white as a spot color.
Versatile Table Configurations for Different Market Applications
TSDX supports various table sizes and numbers for different applications. Table configurations range from extra large and medium-sized tables for direct-to-piece printing, to small tables of various specifications for direct-to-garment printing. The single-table mode for printing on extra large pieces is an economical choice for flexible productions; while the double-table mode realizes efficient twin-piece/ garment simultaneous printing. The Z-axis height can be adjusted from 0mm to 25mm, specially designed for printing on thick fabric pieces or garments, such as hoodies.

Extra Large Table
for Piece Printing (Alternative)
Medium-sized Tables
for Piece Printing (Alternative)

Small-sized Tables
for Garment Printing (Optional)*

* Printing tables for garments are a vailable in 3 sizes:400mm × 500mm (15.7" × 19.7"), 350mm × 400mm (13.8" × 15.7") and 260mm × 350mm (10.2" × 13.8").


  • The Active Negative Pressure System with digital control pressure display gauges ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency.

  • Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping for convenient unattended operation.

  • User friendly color LCD Smart Panel provides printer status information and online/ offline printer control.

  • The Positioning Sensor indicates the middle line of the table so that the piece/ garment can be quickly positioned.

  • The 1L Ink Tanks with liquid level sensors alarm for the shortage of ink.


Home textiles: curtains, upholstery fabrics, lampshades, table clothes, etc.

Clothing: fashion clothes, sportswear, swim suits, jackets, etc.

Soft signage: flags, banners, indoor graphics, tapestries, pennants, pop displays, exhibition displays, etc. 


Print System DOD piezo electric grayscale printheads

Automatic voltage and temperature control
Ink System Water-based Pigment Ink

1L main ink tank for each color

C, M, Y, K inks; White ink

Automatic Ink Supply System

Active Negative Pressure System
Formats Popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS
Operational Environment Temperature: 16-28°C (61-82°F)

Humidity: 40-70% (Recommended)

Altitude: Up to 1000m (3281ft)

Electrical: Single phase 220V±10% (50/ 60Hz, AC); Max. 4.5A; 1000W
Media Thickness: Max. 25mm (0.98”)

Types: Cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blend; light and dark colored pieces/ garments
Print Head Maintenance Module Automatic Print Head Maintenance Module for purging, wiping and capping
RIP and User Interface ColorPRINT T-shirt RIP software;    Control Panel with Color LCD display panel;    Printer Control Software (PCS)
Connectivity Fast Ethernet (1000Mbps)

Print Productivity

Print Head Model
Number of Print Heads
(0.5×1×4 +2W)

(Unit: Pieces/ Hour)

1200 × 600dpi, 4 pass+

white fabrics

1200 × 900dpi, 6 pass+

dark colored fabrics
Number of Tables

Max. Printing Zone Size (W × D)

1100mm × 800mm (43.3" × 31.5")

520mm × 800mm (20.5" × 31.5") (Standard)
400mm × 500mm (15.7" × 19.7") (Optional 1)
350mm × 400mm (13.8" × 15.7") (Optional 2)
260mm × 350mm (10.2" × 13.8") (Optional 3)

Table Size (W × D)

1100mm × 800mm (43.3" × 31.5")

520mm × 800mm (20.5" × 31.5") (Standard)
400mm × 500mm (15.7" × 19.7") (Optional 1)
350mm × 400mm (13.8" × 15.7") (Optional 2)
260mm × 350mm (10.2" × 13.8") (Optional 3)
Assembled Dimensions (W × D × H)
2655mm × 1903mm × 1705mm (104.5" × 74.9" × 67.1")

① The productivity of the single-table mode is based on the image size of 1100mm × 800mm (43.3" × 31.5").

② The productivity of the double-table mode is based on the image size of 520mm × 800mm (20.5" × 31.5").


Efficient Workflow

Professional RIP Software for Piece/ Garment Printing

 ——ColorPRINT T-shirt

Printer Control Software (PCS)

  • Main interface especially with intuitive preview
  • Supports 3 modes of piece/ T-shirt printing
  • Basic parameters can be set in one view
  • ICC color management 
  • Piece/ T-shirt template and guide lines
  • Automatic white ink background choke
  • Interactively controls the printer, monitors printer status, and sets printer options
  • Sends job control command to print, abort, pause, resume and reset
  • Single/ double table settings
  • Checks Nozzle Circular; Horizontal Calibration
  • Embedded ink estimator to calculate ink consumption for each print job


NuviINK® Textile series

If you are looking for a robust and durable ink for printing on fabric, NuviINK® will be your best choice! NuviINK® Textile series is specially formulated to print on fabric, including cotton and cotton/poly blends. 

NuviINK® water-based pigment includes:

- Used for Ricoh print heads: 

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