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Inkjet Printing Technology in Phone Case Printing

In the current market, a wide range of phone cases are available for consumers to express their specific personalities and interest. Materials adopted and contents printed are far beyond imagination. In order to satisfy increasingly picky buyers, inkjet printing technology upgrades itself every now and then, bringing up more and more choices at a relatively low price. T series flatbed printers, as an integration of AMICA’s 100% proprietary inkjet printing technology, become the ideal solution to personalized, customized and on-demand phone case printing.

With superior image quality and outstanding color reproduction, T series printers are able to print cartoon patterns, artworks or personalized texts on phone cases. Integrated with advanced inkjet print head control technology, VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology and ColorPRINT Software, T series flatbed printers offer smooth gradients, vivid colors, as well as clear and crisp small-sized texts, meeting the dynamic demands by using reliable world-class printing technology.

T series flatbed printers are widely used in souvenir shops and novelty stores for printing personalized and customized phone cases. With the advanced UV-LED curing technology, T series supports a wide range of substrates, directly printing on plastic, leather, artificial leather, silicone or other materials. Simultaneous printing and curing not only saves time but also speeds up the whole production and marketing process. Moreover, you can directly send jobs from any popular applications to ColorPRINT Software to RIP and print, leaving out the tedious operation of format conversion.        

Custom Template Template Printing

For different application demands, no matter short-run printing, sample printing or customized batch printing, T series flatbed printers are offered with print tables of different specifications. Customers are allowed to configure their own fixtures and print multiple phone cases  at the same time. The ColorPRINT RIP Software allows to customize ‘template’ accordingly and to define each image.

T series flatbed printers support variable data printing, namely, printing different design patterns, names, images or texts in one run, delivering unique phone cases. With one T series printer, you can easily meet the customer’s demand with value-added products, enhancing customer satisfaction and market competiveness.   


T series flatbed printers applied high density White Ink printing technology, including over-printing and under-printing on transparent, colored or metallic phone cases. Automatic White Ink Background Choking ensures high quality images without white stitch lines        

T series supports CMYK and Spot Color printing, and the ink colors can be customized. It helps you to meet special printing requirements such as imitating leather texture, wood texture, marble texture, glass texture, etc. with merits of preferable unique appearance, green and environmental protection concept, as well as low cost.

In addition, with Varnish Printing, T series enables you to achieve remarkably rich and special effects ranging from gloss or matted finishes for overall or only appealing parts, highlighting main patterns or Logos. By controlling the amount of ink, T series supports to build up raised ink layers on phone cases, realizing 2.5D applications and making visual effects touchable.