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ZPD330 Plasma Pretreater with Double Stations
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ZPD330 Plasma Pretreater with Double Stations
Special for Cylinders & Tapered Objects

The ZPD330 plasma pretreater is specially designed for surface treatment of cylinders and tapered objects such as bottles, cups and cans before printing. The ZPD330 creates an ideal printing condition for UV direct printing on cylinders and cones entirely without the need for additional adhesion promoters, which ensures good adhesion and color brilliance.

The ZPD330 can be integrated into customers' existing automated production lines to simplify processes and improve efficiency. The ZPD330 is not only suitable for UV inkjet printing, but also for various common printing processes, such as pad printing and screen printing.

  • Fully enclosed design, dust-free
  • Safe and reliable, no flame.
  • Low temperature treatment, no thermal input, suitable for heat sensitive materials
  • Cost-effective, environmentally-friendly surface modification, no VOC emissions
  • Pretreatment without corona effect, no material contact with high voltage
The ZPD330 plasma pretreater is applicable to metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. The best plasma treatment configurations are preset according to different materials.

The safety light curtains monitor work status to ensure safe production.

The fixtures can be replaced to fit bottles, cups and cans of different sizes.

The dual station with two spray guns and two generators can achieve double efficiency.

Rotary Plasma Spray Gun Plasma Generator
The plasma effect can be rapidly and evenly distributed on the material surface

10” Color LCD Touch Panel with on-board PLC
  • Air pressure setting, speed setting
  • Setting of spray gun power
  • Motion control

Improve the quality of the overall print appearance

Untreated surface
  • Extremely low tension
  • Wetting almost impossible
Treated surface
  • Significant increase of surface tension
  • Surface now fully wettable

Plasma treatment technology achieves the level of wettability through the highly effective microfine cleaning and activation of the surface to ensure long-time stable print adhesion.

Better ink bonding by using the ZPD330 before printing achieves increased aging resistance, high resistance to handling and weathering, excellent ink brilliance, and flawless application of printing inks.


Plasma process technology
Type of Spray Gun
Atmospheric rotary spray gun
Maximum Processing Line Speed
40 mm/s (1.57"/s)
Protection System
Monitoring and protection for overload,  short circuit, open circuit,  temperature and humidity
Other Configurations
Automatic door with glass windows for easy observation of processing status
Cylindrical objects; tapered objects
Diameter: 50-200 mm (1.97"-7.87"); Length: 0-330 mm (0"-13"); Angle: -8° to 8°
220 V±10% (50/ 60 Hz, AC); 10 A; 2200 W
Compressed Air
0.5 Mpa; Clean and dry
Operational Environment
Temperature: 16-28°C (61-82°F); Humidity: 40-60% (Recommended); Altitude: up to 1000 m (3281 ft)
Media Type
Metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc.
Dimensions (W × D × H)
1120 mm x 1334 mm x 1955 mm (44" × 52.5" × 77")