Mars 1024

Mars 1024

Mars 1024-High Performance Inkjet Printing Engine for VDP

Mars 1024 is a cost-effective and high-volume monochrome inkjet printing engine for wide-format variable data printing. It can be integrated into any existing press production line as a digital add-on module. Mars 1024 is suitable for web printing, sheet-fed printing, as well as both online and offline targeted marking printing.

The modular design offers greater flexibility to combine Mars 1024 with different technologies, such as media feeding, UV curing, camera inspection, or PC control. Equipped with high-quality StarFire print heads, Mars 1024 meets the increasing needs of variable data printing, such as barcodes, serial numbers, dates, logos, images, time, and texts on coated or uncoated substrates.In addition, Mars 1024 supports digital varnish printing to achieve special visual effects for overall media or only appealing parts.

  • Print width of up to 1024mm (40.3") 
  • Up to 140 m/min. (459ft/min.)
  • Monochrome printing, varnish printing
  • Using StarFire print head 
  • UV ink or water-based ink
  • Involving multiple patented technologies

  • Versatile Ink Applications

     Mars 1024 offers two kinds of ink systems to satisfy different application requirements. Depending on media        or substrates, UV ink system or Water-based ink system can be configured.

  • Varnish Printing

     Mars 1024 supports high-speed and cost-effective varnish printing, which creates remarkably rich and special      effects including gloss and matte for overall or only appealing parts.

  • Automatic Print Head Maintenance

     Mars 1024 is equipped with up to 16 print heads for wide-format printing. Usually, the more print heads the              PWC module is designed for, the more complicated the structure of the PWC module will be. Due to its smart      design, the PWC module of Mars 1024 not only ensures print head nozzles in good conditions but also      decreases the risks of mechanical troubles.

  • Unique Sub-ink-tank Circulation System

     The patented sub-ink-tank circulation system of Mars 1024 is specially designed for high-productivity printing      applications. It is able to prevent ink from getting dried and clogging the nozzles. It also has capability to           remove the air bubbles in the ink quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, long sub-ink tanks satisfy high-volume      printing needs.

  • Precise Ink Jetting Location

     Due to the unique mechanical adjustment technology of print head and superior software calibration, Mars 1024      can control the ink jetting location accurately to ensure excellent print quality.

Mars 1024 supports monochrome fonts and barcodes printing

  • Graphics, numeric codes, time, and serial numbers
  • True Type and Open Type
  • 1-D Barcodes: EAN 13, EAN 8, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar 2 Widths, GS1 DataBar (RSS-14), Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, and USPS PostNet
  • 2-D Barcodes: PDF417, QR-Code, and Data Matrix
  • E-13B and CMC-7 font (MICR standard support is available for check printing)

Data Imaging Board

  • Installed on PC and connects to the PC motherboard via PCIe interface
  • Supports continuous data transmission of 1-16 heads in grayscale mode

Printing Control Cabinet

  • Automatic ink supply system with a 5-liter high-volume main ink tank
  • Negative pressure ink control system with digital display
  • Sub-tank with anti-overflow function
  • Dimensions: W1200mm(47.2") × D600mm(23.6") × H2100mm(82.7")

Head Module

  • Head power management and head temperature controller
  • Intermediate ink tanks with ink level sensor
  • Sub-tank with anti-overflow function
  • Dimensions:W1582mm(62.3") × D540mm(21.3") × H837mm(33")

PWC Module

  • Automatic purging, wiping and capping for print head maintenance
  • Automatic capping after the printer is idle for a long period to prevent ink from getting dried and clogging the nozzles
  • Dimensions:W1208mm(47.6") × D480mm(18.9") × H556mm(21.9")

Basic Specifications

Mars 1024
Head Module

Print Head Model
StarFire SG-1024
Numbers of Print Head
Printing Width 1024 mm(40.3")
UV ink, Water-based dye/pigment ink etc.
Monochrome, Varnish
Print Head Resolution 400 dpi
Print Type
Images, texts, serial numbers, barcodes, dates, time etc. 

Print Productivity                        unit: m/min.(ft/min.)

400 × 400 dpi
100~140 (328~459)
400 × 600 dpi
50~70 (164~230)
400 × 800 dpi
40~50 (131~164)

  • Envelopes
  • Business Forms
  • Security Printing
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Cartons
  • Books
  • Lotteries/Bingos

Efficient Workflow

VDP workflow integrates multiple advanced technologies, from RIP, content collaboration to output production. The efficient and streamlined workflow enables users to achieve high-speed, accurate, and vivid variable data printing.

MagicPage VDP

MagicPage is specially designed for monochrome and color variable data printing (VDP), supporting several types of objects, such as text, dates, times, graphics, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, MICR Fonts, and photo images. MagicPage’s features include template management, layout design, data merging, and output preview. MagicPage simplifies and streamlines a wide range of printing applications like security printing, mailings, labels, packaging, barcode printing, and business forms.

MagicPage Main Window
MagicPage RIP Preview


Main Window

Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro) installed on the PC is specifically customized for variable data printing of single-pass inkjet print system. It offers a user-friendly interface to interactively set printer options, manage and maintain print head, and monitor print status. With easy operation and maintenance of the printer, PCS Pro greatly enhances print productivity and efficiency.

NuviINK® Single-pass series

If you are looking for an ink that can be run at high speed for variable data printing, NuviINK® will meet your demanding needs! NuviINK® Single-pass series is specially designed for a wide range of applications, including packaging, plastic cards, tickets, business forms, labels, and security printing etc. 

- NuviINK® Water-based Ink includes:

Used for StarFire print heads: