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An Argentina Legend: AMICA’s P series in Service for More Than a Decade

In 2008, an Argentina company travelled across the oceans all the way to China in seeking of a high-speed, wide-format printer for outdoor advertising. However, back then, Chinese printing equipment was still tagged with low price but very vulnerable. Even there were more and more emerging printer manufacturers in the market, they only focused on lowering price and enhancing publicity, rather than making reasonable investments on research and development. Quality, the key to success, was totally ignored in the war of price.

In such a disadvantageous circumstance, adhering to the principle of technology and strength oriented, AMICA launched its first mature self-developed printerP22 Solvent Inkjet Printer. The reliable and robust P22 printer was configurable with solvent ink and equipped with 8 Dimatix Spectra 30pl Galaxy print heads, featuring a maximum print width of 3.2m and a maximum print speed of 26/hr. in 4 pass mode, realizing an average printing period of about 8 hours on Vinyl which is mainly used for advertising printing. It turned out that the P22 printer impressed the Argentina company at the first sight and the purchase decision was made without any hesitation.

P22 printing in the Argentina client’s factory

Guided by the operation philosophy of integrity and sustainable development, AMICA has been maintaining an eleven-year partnership with this client from the first deal. During those years, many supplies were replaced, such as negative pressure pump, filter, ink pump and magnetic valve. The only unchanged is the functional operation of P22 and its exquisite wide-format prints for outdoor advertising at relatively low costs. Nowadays, P22 works as a ‘cash printer’ as long as it prints, the profits never stop. Maybe there will be another decade ahead.

After eleven years, the appearance of P22 is no longer shiny any more, but it still brings out excellent print details, smooth gradients and vivid colors, delivering self-renewing charm to prove AMICA’s world-class unfading products and technology.