Industrial Inkjet R&D and Manufacturing

C Company Builds Automatic Pillow Interior Production Lines with Amica Systems Technology

Based in Europe, C company has been specializing in designing and manufacturing textile equipment for over 30 years. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology in textile industry, it has earned itself a high reputation and secured the leading place worldwide. As its major business, C company consistently presents innovative, powerful and high-quality products as well as reliable solutions mainly used for pillow interior, cushion, mattress and quilted product manufacture.

As the demands of personalization and customization continued to increase, the printing mode of single batch in large quantities gradually gave its way to more batches in small quantities. Catering for clients’ new demands, C company planned to integrate digital printing modules into its current products. Amica Systems offered various inkjet printing engines to satisfy clients’ demands on short-/ medium-run and customized printing. Based on highly modular design concept, Amica Systems’ inkjet printing engines were configurable with web printing or sheet-fed printing production lines, realizing online or offline printing targets, bringing more and more value-added opportunities to life.

After an in-depth investigation to C company’s requirement and its current production lines, Amica Systems offered Venus 108 PWC as the ideal solution. Venus 108 PWC monochrome inkjet printing engine was equipped with industrial print heads up to 600dpi print resolution, featuring a max. print width of 108mm and a max. productivity of 150m/ min. In addition, integrated with a compact automatic print head maintenance module, Venus 108 PWC made the most of the production space, allowing purging, wiping and capping to promote performance, decrease maintenance expenses and expand the service life.

As an innovative soft and air permeable fiber product, nonwovens had many advantages, such as no fiber scrap, toughness, durability, softness and cotton texture. Taking full account of the ink adhesiveness and durability, Amica Systems conducted several tests to ensure that the printed information on pillow interiors were washable and anti-scratch, so finally it chose UV ink for its powerful laundering durability. Venus 108 PWC directly printed UV washable inks on nonwovens, and then cured by LED UV lamps, resulting to longer service time.

In the end, based on the extensive experience in the textile industry, C company combined its current equipment with Venus 108 PWC to form a brand-new automatic pillow interior production line, integrated with multiple functional modules, such as off-cutting, unwinding, feeding, printing, cutting, filling, etc., realizing uninterruptable industrial production. This automatic pillow interior production line took on online digital printing function, making it possible to print black care labels and material information on nonwoven pillow interior cases, contributing to the practicability of pillow interiors.