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LZC series
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LZC series
Full Color UV Label Press

The LZC series is an innovative full-color UV-LED web inkjet printer specifically designed for industrial short to medium size narrow format production run. The LZC series offers a web width within 130 mm and a print width of up to 54/ 75/ 108 mm to meet different width requirements. Integrated with advanced UV inkjet printing technology, the LZC series supports a wide range of media that can be applied as labels, hang tags, tickets, lotteries, bingos, foil packaging, etc.

Amica’s proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology produces vivid colors, smooth gradients, as well as crisp and clear small-sized texts and lines, providing you with high-quality final prints.

The compact and stable LZC series can easily offer outstanding print quality, exceptional productivity, and great flexibility, allowing you to meet the increasing business needs with lower operating costs and faster delivery times.

  • LZC seriesLZC series
  • LZC seriesLZC series
  • LZC seriesLZC series
  • LZC seriesLZC series
  • LZC series
  • LZC series
  • LZC series
  • LZC series


Complete Digital Printing System

Automatic printhead cleaning

Features full automatic ink purging, printhead wiping, and capping to reduce daily maintenance time.

Independent negative pressure control

Equipped with an independent automatic negative pressure control system for each ink channel, ensuring high-quality printing at higher firing frequency.

Convenient PLC module control

For different materials such as PVC, PET, PP, etc., relevant parameters can be directly set through PCS Pro software to control the PLC module for tension adjustment.

Tracking & Positioning

By dynamically tracking black square marks for positioning, precise registering of variable data can be achieved on preprinted substrates, including barcodes, 2D codes, times, serial numbers, dates, graphics, images, etc.

Controlling image quality through pinning

UV-LED pinning “freezes” ink droplets to control dot gain before overlaying follow-up colours or while fully curing.


  • Stable Z-axis movement
    The Z-axis control system with a high-precision ball screw improves the accuracy of repeated positioning when the printing module moves vertically, ensuring that the distance between the nozzle and the material is always the same.

  • Vacuum table
    The vacuum table equipped with two turbine fans firmly fixes the printing media, ensuring its flatness during printing.

  • Servo-driven rewinder
    The servo-driven rewinder is driven by a servo motor and features automatic synchronous rewinding and instant paper break detection.

  • Automatic ink supply system
    3L double-inlet bulk ink tanks with built-in liquid level sensors and low ink level alarm.

  • Web-guiding system
    The web-guiding system with movable ultrasonic edge guide sensor keeps the material perfectly aligned and on track. A warning will be displayed when the web guide reaches the limits of travel.

  • Web-guiding controller
    A microcomputer digital controller equipped with a full color display screen makes parameters and running status more intuitive and easy to use.

  • Servo-driven unwinder
    The servo-driven unwinder is driven by a servo motor and features automatic synchronous unwinding, automatic reverse winding, and instant paper shortage detection.



Print technology
DOD piezo electric inkjet print technology
Automatic print head maintenance system
Curing system
4 UV-LED pinning lamps, 2 UV-LED curing lamps
UV curable inks, CMYK, 3L ink tanks
automatic ink supply system, active negative pressure system
Continuous roll feeder system
Self-adhesive label stock, coated paper, cast coated paper, uncoated paper, etc.
PP, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, and aluminum foil
Roll width:
max. 130 mm (5.12")
Roll diameter:
max. 400 mm (15.7")
Core diameter:
76.2 mm (3.0")
0.08-0.50 mm (3.15-19.68 mils)
File Formats
Standard file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS
User Interface

Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro)

ColorPRINT RIP Software

NuviPRINT PDF RIP Software

MagicPage VDP Software

Fast Ethernet
Environment requirements
16-28°C (61 - 82°F);
Relative humidity:
40 - 60% (Recommended)
up to 1000m (3281ft)
Power requirements
Single phase, 230 V (50/ 60 Hz), 3300 W

Print head model*
KM print heads
KY print heads
Print width
54mm (2.13")
75mm (2.95")
108 mm (4.25”)
Droplet size
min. 7pl, Variable Droplet Size 
min. 3.5pl, Variable Droplet Size
min. 6pl, Variable Droplet Size
Print head number 4
Resolution & Print Productivity
50 m/ min. (164 ft/ min.) at the production mode of 600 × 300 dpi;
30 m/ min. (98.4 ft/ min.) at the high quality mode of 600 × 600 dpi
Dimensions (L × W × H)
2595 mm (102.17”) × 1090 mm (42.9”) × 1690 mm (66.54”)

* For print head models or more customized configurations, please feel free to contact us.


MagicPage VDP

MagicPage is specially designed for monochrome and color variable data printing (VDP), supporting several types of objects, such as text, dates, times, graphics, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, MICR Fonts, and photo images. MagicPage’s features include template management, layout design, data merging, and output preview. MagicPage simplifies and streamlines a wide range of printing applications like security printing, mailings, labels, packaging, barcode printing, and business forms.

Main Window
Output Preview


Main Window
Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro) installed on the PC is specifically customized for variable data printing of single-pass inkjet print system. It offers a user-friendly interface to interactively set printer options, manage and maintain print head, and monitor print status. With easy operation and maintenance of the printer, PCS Pro greatly enhances print productivity and efficiency.


Main Window
Print Quality Settings

ColorPRINT is professional RIP software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. ColorPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradient, vivid images and sharp small size text with its advanced RIP technology. ICC color management workflow ensures vivid and brilliant colors. ColorPRINT is available in ColorPRINT PS and ColorPRINT Server to satisfy the demands of medium-scaled and large-scaled users respectively.



NuviPRINT® is professional RIP software, specially designed for processing, interpreting, and printing PDF files. The embedded, native Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) ensures fast and accurate output of PDF files. NuviPRINT® works with color profiles based on the internationally proven ICC standard to achieve precise and consistent color reproduction. NuviPRINT® also supports variable size dot technology (VSDT), enabling users to obtain high-quality prints with fine details and no graininess.

Streamlined PDF file production workflow

NuviPRINT® PDF RIP workflow not only implements a streamlined approach, but makes predictable and high-quality output as well. NuviPRINT® PDF RIP software, embedded with native Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE), ensures fast and accurate output of PDF files. Also NuviPRINT® can be connected seamlessly to internal ERP systems via secure hot-folders.


NuviINK® Single-pass series

If you are looking for an ink that can be run at high speed for variable data printing, NuviINK® will meet your demanding needs! NuviINK® Single-pass series is specially designed for a wide range of applications, including packaging, plastic cards, tickets, business forms, labels, and security printing etc. 

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