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Professional RIP Software

  • Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE)
  • Streamlined production workflow
  • Perfect interpreting of color PDF files with complex designs
  • Faster PDF RIP than PS-based workflows
  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful color management

NuviPRINT® is professional RIP software, specially designed for processing, interpreting, and printing PDF files. The embedded, native Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) ensures fast and accurate output of PDF files. NuviPRINT® works with color profiles based on the internationally proven ICC standard to achieve precise and consistent color reproduction. NuviPRINT® also supports variable size dot technology (VSDT), enabling users to obtain high-quality prints with fine details and no graininess.

In order to meet the application requirements of different users, NuviPRINT® provides a variety of optional modules. Whether PDF files or bitmap files, whether static information or variable data, NuviPRINT® empowers users to print various files accurately and efficiently. NuviPRINT® is ideal for these industries, including labels & packaging, variable data printing, industrial decorations, direct-mail, and commercial printing.

User-friendly Interface

  • Simple, elegant, and modular user interface
  • Hides or unhides panels
  • Supports floating panel

Powerful Color Management

  • ICC-based color management
  • Spot color matching & replacement
  • Settings of white, varnish, and primer
  • Spot color library
  • Color book (Lab, CMYK)
  • Input and output curve edit
  • Color proof & replacement

Flexible Print Layout Control

  • Spacing settings
  • Element angle settings
  • Resize
  • Element arrange order
  • Template for every single page of a PDF file
  • Template for Multi-page PDF files

  • Variable Data Printing module (Optional)  is capable of realizing the modification of variable data and layout design.
  • - The types of variable data include text, numbers, graphics, dates, times,
      serial numbers, images, barcodes, and 2D codes.
    - Generates barcodes, 2D codes, and text from a variety of data sources.
    - Supports static or variable bitmap files, such as BMP, JPEG, and TIFF.

  • PDF/ VT Module (Optional) supports PDF/ VT files. PDF/ VT defines the use of PDF as an exchange format optimized for variable data and transactional printing.

  • Ink Estimation Module (Optional) enables users to calculate ink consumption for selected jobs and estimate ink costs.

Built-in Adobe®  PDF Print Engine (APPE)

The Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) is Adobe® ’s native RIP technology, using the same core Adobe® PDF technology as Adobe® Acrobat and Adobe® Creative Suite software. APPE-based NuviPRINT® software has the capability to interpret PDF files stably and accurately through optimized integration with the up-to-date APPE.

  • Uses Live Transparency to avoid flattening at the early stage of the workflow and render at the final output stage, along with all the other contents in the job.
  • Built to aid high-volume print operations. The overall handling of multi-page PDF files has been improved.
  • Combines the power of JDF for workflow automation with the strengths of Adobe® PDF for content definition.
  • Acquires high-quality job previews. It’s a vital part of any print workflow system. APPE uses the “Adobe® Common Renderer” (ACR) for both accurate job preview and final output rasterization, thus ensuring that what you see is indeed what you get.
  • Eliminates the need for early color conversion and special treatment for gradients from one spot color to another to ensure color accuracy and consistency.

Streamlined Production Workflow

NuviPRINT® PDF RIP workflow supports direct and seamless connection with subsequent Printer Control Software without the need for other software. It not only implements a streamlined approach, but makes predictable and high-quality output as well.

Feature List

Engine Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE)
Supported Job Types Standard: PDF/X; Option: PDF/VT;
Output Files PRT, PMT, TIFF
Job Management Delete/ Copy/ Paste Single Page of PDF
Reset Job Status
Layout Template & Element Layout; Element arrange order
Settings of location, spacing & angle; Resize
Print Settings Hot Folder
Send Job to PCS for Printing
Real-time Monitor and Print
Color Management Spot Color (Library); Color Book (Lab, CMYK)
Spot Color Match/ Replacement/ Edit
Density Curve Edit; Input & Output Curve Edit
Color Proof & Replacement
Variable Dot Control; Ink Splitter(LcLm)
Color Gamut Warning
RIP Settings Color Depth, Ink Drops, Dithering
Settings of White, Varnish & Primer
Anti-aliasing; Advanced PDF Settings
Color Modes (CMYK, CMYKLcLm, Gray, White, Varnish, Primer, Spot Color)
Misc View, check & export Variable Data in PDF files; Log
Option Variable Data Printing; Ink Estimation; PDF/ VT files


  • Commercial Printing
  • Card & Ticket Printing
  • Lottery & Bingo
  • Transactional Printing
  • Labels & Packaging
  • Industrial Decorations
  • Direct Mail
  • Transpromo
  • License Plates