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Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro) installed on the PC is specifically customized for variable data printing of single-pass inkjet print system. It offers a user-friendly interface to interactively set printer options, manage and maintain print head, and monitor print status. With easy operation and maintenance of the printer, PCS Pro greatly enhances print productivity and efficiency.



User-friendly Interface

● Main window integrates primary function operation buttons
● Shows printer status, print progress, and current print speed
● Direct preview of print head configuration and color matching setting
● Job preview page by page

Main Window

Remote Printer Control
● Sends job control commands to print, abort, pause and resume
● Displays real-time status information of printer and job
● Supports different print heads combined to print


Job Management Workflow
● Automatically searches for jobs that can be printed in the user directory
● Supports .tif, .job, .pmt, .vdf and .vbf files
● Directly adds job to printer and sets job properties
● Automatically prints selected job in a fast mode
Print Head Configuration Workflow
● Built-in print head alignment pattern
● Sets temperature and jetting voltage of each print head
● Sets alignment and actual physical position error of the print heads


Print Parameters Settings
● Sets resolution and the direction rotated to trigger printing of the encoder
● Sets first page/ last page/ drop size/ copy
● Sets double speed or double-sided print

Print head maintenance module for automatic purging, wiping and capping

UV lamp control for automatically switching UV light intensity with different print speeds
Support Read and Print mode
Support Plug-ins for different functions
Add/ Replace software logo for OEM customers