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MagicPage VDP

MagicPage is specially designed for monochrome and color variable data printing (VDP), supporting several types of objects, such as texts, dates, times, graphics, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, MICR fonts, and photo images. MagicPage’s features include template management, layout design, data merging, and output preview. MagicPage simplifies and streamlines a wide range of printing applications like security printing, mailings, labels, packaging, barcode printing, and business forms.

Main Window
Output Preview

Data Source Loading

MagicPage supports loading data source files, including .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX, .TXT, .VDB, and .DBF files. After loading, all the records in the source file will be displayed in the data field and you are able to select the field and bind it to the objects.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), is a character recognition technology used primarily by the banking industry to facilitate the processing of check. The technology allows computers to read information (such as account numbers) of printed documents. MagicPage software enables to process MICR for check printing. The available MICR fonts are E-13B and CMC-7 which are commonly used around the world.


Table with Variable Data
Tables filled with variable data can be created by MagicPage. You are able to define the template of table, load the data source and then select the field to fill the row and column. MagicPage also provides functions such as customizing column width, row height, footer height and table line height.

Embedded Serial Number and Barcode Generator
MagicPage enables you to add a serial number to every record and establish relevance between them. When you select not to output a record, the corresponding serial number will not display.
Barcode is widely used for automatic identification and data capture in commercial sectors. With embedded Barcode Generator, MagicPage supports designing and printing over 50 types of fixed or variable barcodes with different shapes and sizes in linear or 2D barcode font standards. In addition, more barcodes can be customized according to your demands.
1-D barcodes: EAN 13, EAN 8, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar 2 Widths, GS1 DataBar (RSS 14), Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, and USPS PostNet
2-D barcodes: PDF417, QR-Code, and Data Matrix

Varied Image Files Supported
MagicPage directly receives monochrome image files, such as .JPEG, .BMP, .PNG, .TIFF, .PDF, .GIF, .ICO, .EMF, .WMF and .EXIF. For color image files, MagicPage supports .PRT files generated by ColorPRINT Software.

Template Management

MagicPage allows you to define and manage different format of templates for convenient job creating. Here, you are able to select one template already created or create a new one,in which you can define the size of media page, the number of panels, the position and size of each panel, etc. Moreover, templates can be exported and imported for future uses especially when you re-install the software.

Head Module Define
Head Module Define helps to arrange print heads to print data on the designated area when print head of the device can’t cover the width of the media. This function enables users to regulate the printing area by recording the print head’s position, and resetting the print head without retesting.

Panel Order Setting
MagicPage supports to select the style of panel arrangement. The start position and end position can be any of the four corners. And the panel order includes four types: from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. In total, you have 8 selections to define the arrangement order of panels as the right screenshot shows. You can select according to your requirement.

Position with Grids
Grids are shown on the panel during designing which help you position objects precisely. Snap grids function automatically aligns the objects with the closest grid. You can also set the size and color of grids, show or hide grids according to your preference.

Multiple Languages Supported
MagicPage supports for multiple languages, such as English, Espanol, Deutsch, French, Portugal, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Efficient and Streamlined VDP Workflow

MagicPage VDP workflow integrates multiple advanced technologies, from color management, RIP, content collaboration, to output production. The efficient and streamlined workflow enables users to achieve high-speed, accurate, and vivid color variable data printing.
Seamless Content Collaboration 
Whether for fixed objects, or variable images, text, barcodes, and graphics, MagicPage VDP workflow seamlessly implements the filter, loading, merging, and output of high-volume variable data relying on reasonable assignment and seamlessly communication.
Outstanding Color Management
Color VDP workflow comprises professional color management technology. It supports ICC-compatible color management system, to ensure users may easily obtain accurate color. Color VDP also allows users to print precise and consistent logo color through setting spot colors.
Professional RIP Technology
Embedded RIP technology quickly and exactly interprets JPEG, Tiff, BMP, EPS, PDF and PS files. It enables users to obtain ideal color prints with more details and gradients.

Advance Copy

Although you can use the copy function to duplicate objects, the advance copy function is more flexible and precise for laying out the copies. The advantage of advance copy is that it allows you to define number of rows and columns, and set the style of copy arrangement.

Group Multiple Objects

A group is a combination of multiple objects to act as a single object. Selecting one object in a group causes the entire group to become selected. And the objects can be moved together while keeping their relative positions fixed.

Flexible Layout Design Tools

MagicPage provides flexible design tools to lay out different objects, such as alignment and rotation. You are able to align the selected two or more objects in horizontal/ vertical direction to make sure they are aligned with the selected object. Rotating the selected object is also supported. You can rotate with provided degrees: 180°, 90°, 90° counter clockwise, 0°and any degree.

MagicBook for Book Printing
Designed for book printing, MagicBook allows you to add multiple VDF files in MagicPage and output them according to the defined order. Users can edit the variable data or fixed data and define the output parameters, such as resolution, rotate page, density and color depth.