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ZC330 UV-LED Curing Conveyor System
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ZC330 UV-LED Curing Conveyor System
Special for Cylinders & Tapered Objects

The ZC330 UV-LED curing conveyor machine is specially designed for automatic final curing treatment of cylinders and tapered objects after printing. It features automatic transfer, automatic loading and unloading, and 360° rotating UV-LED curing. ZC330 can not only serve as a stand-alone machine, but also be integrated into existing production lines, providing consistent, fast, and safe curing of UV-LED curable inks for excellent adhesion. The ZC330 machine satisfies the needs of customers who require extraordinary UV curing performance, energy efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Thanks to its modular design, ZC330 is easy to integrate into existing production lines.

The automated UV curing workflow contributes to the reduction of production times and labor costs, and enhances operational safety.

The loading and unloading modules are equipped with movable guide rails. The running speed of conveyor belt is stable and adjustable.
There is a set of electric automatic grippers on the left and right sides respectively, which can accurately grasp bottles and place them at the designated workstation.

The electric positioning turntable is equipped with four rotating stations, which are alternatively served as functional areas for loading, curing, unloading, and idling.
The installation height and angle of the UV LED lamp can be adjusted. ZC330 is extremely easy to use and keep users safe by offering complete shielding from UV light.

ZC330 gives users greater curing flexibility and enables them to tailor the optimum curing conditions to their specific applications.

  • The installation height and angle of the UV lamp are adjustable adapting for objects of different sizes and shapes.
  • The irradiation intensity can be adjusted based on inks and substrates.
  • By adjusting the rotation speed, the irradiation times on objects can be controlled.
  • ZC330 is outfitted with a UV LED lamp. Various models of UV LED lamps manufactured by Amica are available.


Cylinders; Tapered objects
Media Type
Metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, wood, etc.
Dimension of Objects
Diameter: 38 -150 mm (1.5"-5.9");
Height: 50 -330 mm (1.97"-13")
220 V±10% (50/ 60 Hz, AC); 6.4 A; 1408 W
Operational Environment
Temperature: 16-28 °C (61-82 °F);
Humidity: 40-60% (Recommended);
Altitude: up to 1000 m (3281 ft)
Dimensions (W × D × H)
Without conveyor: 1324 mm x 765 mm x 1617 mm (52.1" × 30.1" × 63.7")
Without conveyor:250 kg (551.2 lb)

UV LED Lamp Model
(Available for ZC330)
ACAA200020-12 ACAC224006-06 ACAA120020-12 ACAA360020-12
Emitting Window Length
(Unit: mm)
200 224 120 360
Emitting Window Depth
(Unit: mm)
20 6 20 20
Peak Irradiance
(Unit: w/cm²)
12 6 12 12
Wavelength (Unit: nm) 380 - 420